Have you ever done something and you felt proud of yourself?
Have you prayed and felt delivered?
Have you opened your heart, wallet, mind and spirit to someone and felt a blessing?
If, you never did this is your chance to feel the flow of the power of Almighty God in your veins. This is your moment to feel the renewing of the Spirit of God in your life. This is the time to feel the blessings of God coming down on your life. You are not alone in this effort, there are millions out there that are yearning for the touch of Almighty God on their lives. Let this day be your impact day and touch the life or heart of someone. Find a stranger and watch God in action or just leave it to Him and let Him direct your path.

This morning as I sat at work before my shift starts I felt the presence of God in an unusual way. I was monitoring the website for the morning traffic and to see how far this Internet ministry is reaching the globe. The messages poster are translated in several other languages and I thank God for the impact of the vision He gave to me to launch this website I had no knowledge that it would have this gathering globally. Hallelujah for the lamb of God and knowing that God still speak to man in very simple ways. Today if you will hear the voice of God harden not your heart but walk in humility before Him.

I came to you with the vision and your support was touching and I want you to continue touch the lives of people. I encourage you to send your contributions to me at and have them posted on the internet, this website so you can touch the lives of others. This is a wonderful time in the Lord and to God be all the honour and the glory.

To our Patriarch who has stood in the breach with me and all my praying ministers, friends and well-wishers you have strengthened me to move beyond a few pages of information to many dozens. The increased visitors to the website and the time spent has increased tremendously. You will not know because you are not seeing the direct traffic and all this is as a result of your support.

I want to use this forum to thank those that make a donation to the Mystical  Order and I can assure you that your money is still lodged in the paypay account. Hopefully I will have that money transfered to a bank next month and the responsibility will be in the hands of the treasurer. God is blessing me and I continue to carry the burden of the church but you aree still needed as a back up. We have done some improvements to the website and it is noticeable when you log on to I believe this enhancement has increased the visitors and very recently with the launching of the Facebook page.

So, let us do a good deed today and touch someone. Touch my life, your friends, your family. Lift up your light so others will see your life and glorify Jesus the hope of glory. I love you and may Almighty God bless and keep you . Have a great day.

+ Godfrey Gregg


Author: Godfrey Gregg