Today I thank God for all His love and mercy towards me and my fellow brothers and sisters. His grace has been our plea for some time and we are very grateful for the things He has restored to us.

Let me take this moment to reflect on the past week. A week that we held dear in our hearts as faithful believers. Easter as we know it has always been in our calendar, the time when we reflect on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. That day many years ago meant so much to us and sink deep in our hearts. That was one of the greatest promises to me and the church, so the resurrection is very important because a change was going to take place.

The world was about to see the greatest transformation ever. It was not the moment for miracles or to simple feed the multitude; but the renewing of the faithful followers that has been called to a higher calling. They were to be ready for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit but the change over was in the process.

As I preached on Easter Sunday that the connection of Mary and her son Jesus went to the cross and even to the tomb. As we watched and see the great respect even in His absence, the love and honour was ever present. Even when Mary didn’t find Her son in the tomb, she asked the guard “where have you laid my Lord”.

This is what I am talking about respect. He was her son and Lord. Mary had to accept the same son as her Lord and Saviour. So when I hear believers calling on Mary to pray for them I feel the lack of teaching from the church.

I am calling on our leaders to turn from that old tradition and get to the scripture and teach the truth. There isn’t anything Mary can do for us in this hour. What I will urge you to do is to seek God and His Holy Spirit for guidance.

Jesus never sent the disciples to Mary to wait, but go to the upper room and tarry there until you are filled with the Holy Spirit. No where was Mary mentioned, yet she was among the one hundred and twenty in the upper room. The command was strictly between the disciples and Jesus. Hallelujah

This morning I urge you to take the Name of Jesus with you a child of sorrow and of woe, let it with joy comfort you and give heed to the word of God.

Your servant and brother,

+ Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Presiding Prelate


Author: Godfrey Gregg