One Year Old


Archbishop Gregg Grandson

10407988_10205488790046587_6347442813428387828_n GrandsonLast year this time I became a proud Grandfather when my daughter gave birth to LE’MAR. Since his arrival he thought he was here before everyone else. He has grown into a very nice charming toddler and is loved by all that came in contact with him.

A toddler loved by his parents Sharol-Rose and Lemuel, grand parents and other family. He looks like his grandfather some said, and it makes me smile. However,  he is here and on a mission. One thing I know is that his parents protect him and the entire family watch over him. He has a very wide family back and will be a great asset to the Gregg family.

LE’MAR you are one year old today and I love you very much. I am very proud and I pray God’s divine Grace and blessing over your life. I decree and declare protection on and over you henceforth. I decrease guidance to you from the family and that you walk in the fear of the Lord for His glory.



Author: Godfrey Gregg