His Eminence Sir Eric Alleyne

O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home. Giving thanks and praises to Almighty God for waking us up this morning, Lord we honour, glorify, worship and adore your blessed name. Father we thank You for sparing our sinful lives, whereby we come before Your presence this morning with prayers and supplication. Please hear our crying and attend unto our situations in Jesus Almighty name. Amen! To our Patriarch, my Archbishop, all ministers, members, friends and well wishers of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc 2012, I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus. Brothers and sisters, I entreat and plead to Israel for more prayers, beloved, when I look at the state and condition we (mankind) have brought ourselves to, nothing but divine intervention can save us from the destructive pathway we’re treading. However, I was taught and have come to the understanding that prayer changes things. Brethren, the late William Cowper (1731 to 1800) left a wonderful hymn for us to meditate and persevere with. One verse states:
Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;
Prayer makes the Christian’s armor bright;
And Satan trembles, when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.
Family in Christ, my reason for requesting more prayers is mainly because scripture is unfolding before our very eyes, when we turn on the television, read the newspaper or listen to the radio, all we hear is death and destruction, 90% of the times, we (man) are comitting offences against our brothers and sisters. Beloved, God made us all, whether of our colour or race, we’re all God’s children, but some of us takes it upon ourselves to judge, condem and excecute our brothers and sisters both carnally and spiritually, do we have such authority? Or we ignore the part of scripture, where Jesus says to forgive seventy times seven. Amen! Instead of warring against a brother or sister, whether of religious beliefs, nationality or political status, we should refer to another verse in the famous hymn, which goes:
Prayer makes the darkest cloud withdraw,
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw,
Gives exercise to faith and love,
Brings every blessing from above.
So fellow travellers to eternity, from the verses we see, it is no secret what God can do, everything is wrought through prayer, faith and God’s love. Amen! Heavenly Father, we thank You for the prayers today, we pray for our elders in The Mystical Order, please build them up in prayer. Lord our brothers and sisters around the world, teach us to live peaceably with all mankind. Master compel us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves, King of Zion, help us to pray in season and out of season, so when the temptation comes, we’ll be rooted and grounded in the name of the Lord. All these and more blessings we pray for in Jesus Almighty name. Amen!
Until we meet again brothers and sisters, prayer is the key, and I’m leaving you with another verse:
O Lord, increase our faith and love,
That we may all Thy goodness prove,
And gain from Thy exhaustless store,
The fruits of prayer for evermore.

Author: Godfrey Gregg