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20151106_222527I take this opportunity to thank God for His saving grace and mercy towards me. In that I am still on the land of the living where praise can be offered and supplications made.I also want to thank God for my family, brothers, sisters and our readers and followers of the Mystical Order through Christ Jesus.


God has been good to us in every area of our lives and operations. Some things were not in our favour, but God has still seen us through. Today we can say without a doubt “And are we yet alive to see each other face.” What a privelege we have to take it all to our Lord in prayer.


Many came among us and departed but The Mystical Order is still anchor within the vale. The race is never for the swift but those will can fight to the end. My brothers and sisters in the Lord we have come a long way and it wasn’t without pain and hurt. We must not loose the vision from 5 years ago when we started on this journey. There were times we went through the water, sometimes through the flood. Yes and through the fire, but Hallelujah  we can rejoice because of the blood of Jesus.


As I look back to see the journey I am so reminded of Vanity Fair City where people get distracted.  Many things happened in that city and  only the strong survive and make it out alive. It was bonding and prayers that we have made it this far. As I sit to write this message with you on my heart and what God has done for us. I want to encourage you to hold on and be steadfast in your quest of service to the Lord. Some will hate you and somewill love you. Please, do not lose sight of the prize.


Your heart should be set on heaven and the hereafter. Do not be caught in the snare of the enemy. He is very good at distracting you for his purpose. Many walked with Jesus and after they were fed and nothing else was coming their way, they walked away leaving twelve. Jesus knew that he had enough to carry out His mission and He asked if they will also walk away. Peter said to whom Lord, Thou alone has the words of eternal life. Later Judas walk away. I recalled one Bishop asking me what Jesus would have done without Judas? Today the same question is asking what will you do without Jesus called the Christ. His Eminence Sir Roberts would answer this way” God is too wise to make a mistake”.


The Mystical Order has undertaken a large task and it is paying off. We don’t have a church building but we are reaching thousands of people. I can report that through the website http://www.mysticalorderinc.org the message is going forth and for the year 2015 we had 1.6 million visitors to the website. There are 244 emails that go out daily. During the same period 26 persons unsubscribed from the emails program. God is on the move and you should be a part of this movement. This was made possible with His Eminence Sir Eric ministering every Tuesday in email. These emails are posted on the website and you can look through the archives if you missed something.


In 2015 the registration of The Mystical Order was completed in Trinidad and Tobago. This followed the appointment of a Patriarch and Archbishop to handle the affairs of the church. Other ministers were appointed and the church is growing. People freo all walks of life are coming together to spread the word that Jesus Christ is coming again. Our Patriarch Sir Darryl continues to lead the flock and he has indicated that he is not ready to retire. We praise the Lord.


As we enter 2016, stay with us as we steer the course into new areas. Our plans will be unfolded in a meeting in January and the reactivating of our conference line. Think positive and look ahead, lift up your eyes for our redemption draweth nigh. I take this opportunity to join our Patriarch Sir Darryl and Matriarch Lady Janet in wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2016.


Your servant and brother,

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Presiding Prelate

Administrator and Apostolic Head


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Website http://www.mysticalorderinc.org


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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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