His Grace Sir Godfrey Gregg LOM, OHPM, DD

Greetings to my readers, brothers, sisters, friends, family, my Lord Patriarch and Bishop of Starlight of Israel and Your Beatitude Dr. Jacinta Albert of The Mystical Order of Trinidad and Tobago.
This is a very personal day for me as I celebrate another year of life on the land of the living.  Over 50 years my mother now deceased gave birth two minutes after midnight.  I was told I was a great joy to her and my father was delighted to see me. As I grew into childhood I had a love for church. Never missed Sunday school and Sunday morning church service.
I was raised Anglican but attend Sunday school at the Gospel Hall church. At a very early age I went to the street corners with my mother listen and watch “Penitan” Spiritual Baptist preach. It was fascinating and I wanted to be a part of that movement. As I grew older I knew what I wanted but was not able to express it until around 1983. By that time I had already baptized in another church but the pull became stronger and I was washed and place on “mercy seat”. I haven’t regretted anything because our times are in His hands. Some 30 years later I am still standing on the promises of God.
I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself and I trust that I will see many, many more years. My work now began and my vision must be accomplished.  Two weeks from today I will also celebrate my ascension to the throne of Archbishop of the Mystical Order. Two years passed real fast and so many have passed on from works to reward.
Since taking the mantle of Archbishop I have launched the website and the results are encouraging. It gives me the joy and pride to go on to the next phase.
I have spoken to the Patriarch and he has indicated to me that he will relinquish the portfolio of Presiding Prelate and the title “His Beatitude”. He will remain the Patriarch and his duties will not change. The Patriarch has also appointed me to take on the title along with my current office. This is a great accomplishment to me. I am blessed that His All Holiness has found favour and placed his confidence in me to lead The Mystical Order. I am also given the responsibility to solidify the operations and merge The Mystical Order with Starlight of Israel. My mandate is to rewrite the rules to include The Mystical Order of Trinidad and Tobago and Starlight of Israel under the head of the Patriarch.  I am hoping that all good sense prevail for a smooth transition.  With this approach the organisation will be stronger and of greater benefit to all.

God bless us and God bless The Mystical Order and The Mystical Court. God bless these United States of America


Author: Godfrey Gregg