Today I celebrate another milestone in this life and on this earth. I thank God for the saving grace towards me and the indwelling of The Holy Spirit. Your Grace has brought me thus far and I praise the Lord for keeping me alive.

As I grow older I get more equipped with the knowledge of Thy word and the peace of God. Life has been a great challenge and I am so grateful for all the people in my life, who day by day help to keep me from falling. My daughter has been a tower of strength and with the addition of my grandson that cheers me up day after day. He is blessed to have his grandmother available at a short notice and to help raise him in the fear of the Lord. I ask God’s divine blessings on them along with his father. God I thank you for the family and for keeping us in the unity of Thy divine love.

This moment in my life with another year added and still filled with the grace of God. My devotion to You and my family  will always be my focus. Today I want to thank God for my church family. Our Patriarch, clergy, brothers, sisters and well-wishers. The many people I minister to daily through this website. God you are so loving and kind to me, and I will forever praise you.

For supplying my needs, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food on my table and shoes on my feet. You gave me a love Lord and a kind family so I want to thank you for all your blessings on me. I will not single out anyone but collectively I want to thank all my co-workers for the great support on the job. The bond that we’ve built, the laughter, jokes and the joy of just seeing each other. I am so grateful for every good gift you demonstrate in us.

Let me thank Dr. Waterman of the full Gospel Tabernacle, my adoptive father and his congregation. Your strength and testimony is greater than any gift or money that one can give. It was my Patriarch that introduce me to him and am I grateful? You bet I am, and will forever be as I am alive.

It is not the volume of work but the gratitude that counts. It is not by works but our faith in God that will earn us a place in the Kingdom of God. So today is my special day and I will be at work doing what I love best and that is to care for the people that need help. Just like the church is a hospital for those that are sick and helpless. If you are whole you don’t need the physician unless you are sick. So the great Physician is here the sympathizing Jesus.

To all I want you to trust God and live for Jesus day by day.

+ Archbishop Godfrey Gregg



Author: Godfrey Gregg