Archangel St Michael – Prince of the Heavens

Archangels are defined as “messengers which carry Divine Decrees”.  It is the Archangels who command the legions of heaven and defend humans in the constant battle with the evil ones.  In the angelic order the Archangels belong to the Eighth Choir of the Heavenly hierarchy and since ancient times have held our fascination and interest.  This is not surprising since Archangels are considered the most important intercessors between the Supreme Being and us little mortals.

In the book of Revelations there are seven angels who stand before God.  Of these magnificent beings only Michael and Gabriel are recognized by name in the Islamic Koran.  Christians and Jewish traditions agree on the number seven but only four names actually appear on a regular basis: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

St Michael is recognized as an Archangel in the Christian, Islamic and Jewish tradition.  In the Book of Daniel he is presented as a “great Prince who stands up for the children of your people”.  Michael’s name in the Talmudic tradition means “one who is like God”.  In the Christian tradition St. Michael is recognized as the patron saint of soldiers, fighters and police officers.

There are many stories about Michael’s intercessions on behalf of humans. Michael is credited to have wiped out the army of an Assyrian King that threatened to destroy Israel in the year 701 b.c.  In another account, it was Michael that saved the life of Abraham’s son Isaac when he was about to be sacrificed by his father. In the Jewish tradition it was Michael who appeared to Moses in the midst of a burning bush and it is Michael who will descend from heaven to bind the satanic dragon.

Michael is frequently portrayed as warrior with an unsheathed sword ready to strike Satan in all of its manifestations.  He is God’s greatest champion in the battle against evil.  Michael is also the conductor of souls to the other world.  Chapels and churches dedicated to Michael sprang all over middle age Europe in tribute to Michael the guide for the dead.  Many of these sites are considered focal points of earth forces.

In the book of Daniel it is foretold that when the world is again at a point of total destruction Michael will reappear.  Many scholars, theologists, new agers and psychics point to this century as the one in which Michael will reveal himself in his full glory.


Author: Godfrey Gregg