Sir Dr. Godfrey Gregg

Why We Are Limited

This morning I want to thank God for His divine protection over us and for keeping is alive in these blinded hours. O, God you woke us up to see another day. A day many others expected to see and for reasons we cannot explain are not here to witness your handiwork. Today we feel blessed to be in your presence to sing the wondrous love of Jesus.

I want to greet my Lord Patriarch and Presiding Prelate, Queen Abbess and Cardinal along with our many ministers at home and abroad. To our affiliate churches, friends and well wishers. May I also recognize our Senior Abbess Jacinta of the Mystical Order# 2 in Trinidad and Tobago and the ministerial council and members. Truly God is keeping us alive and though we have failed Him and fallen away from His presence at time He shows how much He cares for us.

Today I want to draw your attention to the book of Romans and let Paul the great Apostle minister to our hearts in this email. Without him I had nothing to say. So find comfort in these words today.

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

I speak to you on the subject “Why we are limited?”

If you believe as I do, that we all started out in heaven with God, and that this is the place where God created us—and that he created all beings with the same attributes of holiness, and sacredness, and with his divine nature in them, then we are all divine beings at our core. That we were all like the angels, before God put our spirit into a human body and he sent us here from heaven with an assignment, a task that God wanted us to do for the kingdom of God’s sake.

Now if that is true, then when he put our spirit into these human bodies we were as the angels spiritually—angels have an unlimited capacity to do things that we consider miracles—and if you read the word, you will see that Jesus had unlimited capacity to do what we call miracles. Miracles are just ordinary things to the angels, and miracles were just ordinary things to Jesus—it is “the” way of life outside of these bodies.

I want to suggest to us that Adam and Eve before their fall, had the same capacity to do what we call miraculous things now, they were celestial beings until they fell—at that time they were not thought of as miraculous, but just everyday occurrences—they were the way of life for all beings. The devil could, and does do some of these things and they were not thought of as being special (i.e.) the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. The devil tried the same thing on Jesus as with Eve. He knew the scriptures very well and quoted same to Jesus. What he did not understand fully that Jesus and the Father were one and Jesus was the heir to the Throne.

And in that sense Adam and Eve where a match for the devil; who could also do miraculous things even as he showed Jesus out there in the wilderness. Knowing the word of God is one thing but having that word written in your hearts is another thing. Everyone can quote the scriptures and give an interpretation but is it the real thing? I warn you that the word of God is of no private interpretation. You have to seek the Lord for that divine understanding and wisdom to know the truth from the lies. All the devil did to Eve was to add one word “not”. The Lord told them the day they eat thereof thou shalt surely die. The devil sail shall “not” surely die. Be careful what you say about others and more so your elders. God’s promises are sure just like the foundation He built this church on.

The difference in the miraculous things the devil did. and the things Jesus and the angels were able to do, is that the devil’s miraculous things came from an evil heart, there was malice and hate and jealousy at the base of his miracles. Yes my brethren just as in the church where some people charge a fee to say a prayer. Or to wash you and help turn things around. We have to be very mindful of the way we perform. The gifts of God are free and to help the saints of God . The Bible tells us that any among you sick to call the Elders of the church and let them pray with you and anoint; and the pray shall save the sick. Not how much money you have or this is the price. No wonder the church is falling apart because we are adding to the word of God. There was only love and compassion at the base of the miraculous that Jesus and the angels performed—their miracles never hurt anyone, but only helped. Moses never charged the children of Israel to cross the Red Sea. He did exactly what the Lord asked of him. Today I am calling you back to the fountain of the water of life without money and without price.

I said all of that to say to us that Adam and Eve had this same capacity–they were celestial beings, but they did not understand the nature of evil, and they did not have a human nature, therefore they were overcome by evil because it takes a human nature to understand evil. Poor Adam and Eve took their eyes of the word of God and fell victims to the devil’s lies. Are you another Adam and Eve falling to the lies of another. I beg of you to be ever sober, watchful and vigilante because your adversary the devil walking around seeking souls to devour. Be on the look out and watch, if you are not sure go on your knees and pray. Ask the Lord a question and state your cause.

So what happened to their capacity to do the miraculous? They lost it, and not only did they lose it for themselves, but they lost it for all of us who followed them. So what was it that limited them? Sin limited them, the moment they listened to the devil and ate that fruit they changed their base, they mixed the the human nature of the devil with the divine nature of God. Their base, their being took on the tinge of both good and the evil—and that is volatile combination. They had infused evil into the holiness and sacredness of their spirit. At that very instance they became limited in their capacity to do creative things through the aid of the Holy Spirit. They subjected themselves to the spirit of the devil and human nature—while hitherto fore they had been subject only to God and his divine nature.

So Paul comes to this place to deal with why it is that we need Jesus. He says: For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God—now notice what he says—first we have all sinned, and that sin has caused us to come short of the glory of God. As I often say that sin is a separator between God and man. You will only know that when you surrender to the will of God.

Before we sinned, through the glory of God we could do the things that we now call miracles that Jesus did and the angels before him. He is saying that it was sin that limited us, that took away the miraculous activities about us—before we sinned and mingled the evil of the devil with the holiness, and sacredness of our spirit, we could do all things through the glory of God in us.

Paul is saying that we can only do these things now, through Jesus Christ who refused to mingle the holiness and sacredness of God in him with the evil that is the base of the devil’s powers. It has become so now that if any miraculous things happen that it has to be through Jesus, where we are concerned. Because we have messed up the divine nature of God with the nature on man after the fall of Adam. Jesus came to rebuild the broken bridge between us and the Father. It is a brand new bridge. You know well that new wine cannot be put in old vessels. Hallelujah

Jesus said to the disciples, greater works than these shall you do because I go to my Father—meaning that the glory of God, and the miraculous power of his glory, shall be restored unto us some day. This is our moment and time because the bridge has been rebuilt and paved. Jesus walked the path and left His footsteps for us to follow. This is not baptist preaching but word of inspiration. This is a divine intervention for The Mystical Order. Sin that once separated us from our Father has been replaced by Jesus. Hallelujah this id your time of restoration. Come out from among them and be separated and God will restore you inheritance.

Now you understand that what we call miracles are not miracles where God and Jesus and the angles are concerned—they are simply calling into being what you need at the moment. If you need healing for any reason you could call your healing into being, if that happened now we would call that a miracle, but not so with Jesus and the angels, it was simply a part of living. Now that gives enormous meaning to what Jesus said about those who arise unto heaven—he said they shall be as the angels. (Luke 20:36) (Mark 12:25)

The glory of the Lord shall return, and the holiness shall return, and the sacredness shall return, and we shall be as we were before our spirits entered these bodies. Hence the reason for The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist to spare head this restoration of integrity, character, respect for our brothers and sisters. To encourage one another to live a Godly life, to stay focus on the word of God so sin will not have control over our life. I challenge you to trust God as see your miracles right before your eyes.

Sacred means to be Godlike, to be holy—Paul has it right—he says we have sinned and come short of the glory of God, we have lost our God likeness, we have effaced the holy in us through sin. But Paul says that through Jesus Christ, God has declared us not guilty, that Jesus has contained our sin—not done away with it, but he has contained it sufficiently so that it does not swallow us up and cut us off from our maker and creator.

At our baseline we still have the mingling of sin and evil with the holy and sacred, but it has been sufficiently contained to the degree that it does not overwhelm the holy and the sacred in us—in other words God’s divine nature in us is still alive and functioning, and we await the day when God’s divine nature in us shall root out our human nature which contains that which is opposed to God’s divine nature in our spirit. As I close this is how Paul sums it up “my grace is sufficient to keep me.” Hallelujah and God I thank you for your love and grace even our purpose here on this earth. Your children, even me my Lord need every minute of your time. Return and be a Father to us, now that we know why we behave and live this way, God we thank you for your intervention in our lives, families, our church even The Mystical Order and it’s Clergy. Let our light shine before our brethren and the the world so men and women will come to acknowledge You as their Lord and Saviour.

When that happens God’s glory shall be restored unto us. May the Grace of God be always with you.

Author: Godfrey Gregg