His All Holiness Rt. Hon Sir Dr. Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson LOM, OHPM, GCMG, OSM

PATRIARCH addresses the second anniversary of St. Francis Mystical House of Prayer in London, England

Your Lordship Hon. Micah Nero Bishop of St. Francis Mystical House of Prayer, Your Eminence Sir Eric Alleyne, Your Eminence Dr. Patricia Hackshaw, Your Excellences’ Fellow Ministers and Clergy, brothers and sisters greetings:

Today I bring you love and peace from the Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist in New York and Trinidad. When the Mystical Order was started in 2010 we were a prayer group. In 2012 we were registered as a full Church in New York with all rights, powers and privileges as any other established denomination. I was the first Archbishop and later became the first Patriarch. I want to thank God for my beloved Queen Abbess Dr. Patricia Hackshaw who has been a tower of support and strength to me.

We have seen the Mystical Order grow in membership and recently the affiliation with The Full Gospel Tabernacle under the leadership of Dr. Waterman. Since our involvement there we have access to the sanctuary to conduct all of our ceremonies. This is the Lord’s doing and we are very grateful. As we continue to grow, finding a place to call home will soon become a reality.

May I take this opportunity to make mention of a man of courage and faith, I speak of my Archbishop Sir Dr. Godfrey Gregg who is also the secretary of the Mystical Order. He has been the workaholic in this ministry and I am so grateful for the work he is doing. Unfortunately he is not here with us today but his spirit is here with us.

As I speak today Dr. Godfrey is in New York preparing emails and upgrading the website He is also preparing the ground work for the 4th anniversary of the Church and my 2nd anniversary as Patriarch and his 2nd anniversary as the Archbishop. This will be one of our biggest events since the Mystical Order came into existence.

I want to extend an invitation to you to fellowship and worship with us on Sunday 19th, October in New York. May Almighty God bless and keep you and grow this church. May God bless our Bishop Micah, St. Francis Mystical House of Prayer, and God bless The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist.


Author: Patriarch Gregg