Jehovah Still Cares


His Lordship Bishop Andres B. Quow

When Peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll….
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to know,
It is well, It is well with m soul…..

Blessings and Peace to all My Beloved in The Mystical Order. I greet all the followers and Well wishers. Praying that the email messages from the various writers have been and will continue to be a blessing to You. Today I want to ask us this question. If the Son of man shall put in His appearance at this moment, can we say with a bold assurance that it IS WELL WITH OUR SOUL?
Today I realize a lot of people living their lives amassing power and wealth. But when tragedy comes, those things means absolutely nothing….. Beloved, Death doesn’t care if you are a millionaire! Sickness and sorrow doesn’t care if you have power and position in Society, Sorrow and suffering don’t care about your popularity. Hell could care less about who you are and what you’ve done. The book of Mark Chapter 5 tells us about a man by the name of Jairus. I believe that some where along the streets Jairus heard about Jesus. I understand the meaning for the name Jairus is ” He who God Enlightens “. Somehow, God had open the eyes of this Jewish man and He saw that Jesus was his only Hope during the time that his daughter was dying. What a coincident that Jesus was passing through town at that time. Beloved, Jesus is always passing by, He is always there when we need Him, He is always around when we call on Him. Jesus Himself is the rock in the weary land, and He promise to shelter us in the times of storm.
All we have to do is Believe in Him and Trust in His word. Jairus was a man of position and power. He came reverently, prayerfully and passionately. verse 22 says that Jairus fell at His feet. This big man Humbled himself in the presence of the Lord. He came down from his high horse to humble himself before the Lord. This is something that a lot of us as Christians failed to learn. Before you are ever going to get anywhere with the Lord, you are going to have to humble yourself in His presence. You are going to have to get small before Him. You are going to have to come to the place where He is everything and you are nothing. James 4: 6 says, God resisteth the proud, but giveth Grace unto the humble. So when Jairus came to Jesus, fall down before Him and makes his petition to the Lord, he is saying to Jesus, Lord, I cannot do this thing, but I believe you can…. Ohhh Hallelujah! What a statement of Faith. Beloved that is the place we have to get to in life. Whether it be for salvation of your own soul, the salvation of a loved one for help in a time of tragedy, we have got to reach the place where we know that while we can’t, Jesus can.
When Jairus poured out his complain to Jesus, he received a listening ear from Jesus. Jesus was interested in his need and goes with Jairus to his house. Beloved I want to assure us that whenever we bring our needs to Jesus, He will be on His way into our situations to do something about it. satan the enemy and others may have told you that Jesus just don’t care about you, but be reminded that Jesus cares, and He cares Deeply…

Tell me what more what more can Jesus do
Tell me what more what more can Jesus do….
Jesus laid the foundation, He open the gates of mercy
What more, what more can Jesus do.

Grace and Peace from God the Father to all my Beloved in Christ Jesus. Let me take this opportunity to greet all the Leading instruments , all Ministers, Followers and Well wishers of this Sacred and Noble Order. Today it is indeed a wonderful day, one that burst all the way from Eternal ages. This is the day that The Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad there in. Last week I wrote to us on the topic ” Jehovah Still Cares” . I want to continue on that path to Encourage you that despite your Situation , despite your position that Jehovah God Still cares for us.
Brethren what a blessed truth it is when we bring our needs to Jesus. The good songwriter wrote,

What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and grief He bares,
What a privilege we have to carry
Everything to God in prayer.

As Jesus goes with Jairus, they were stopped by the woman with the issue of blood. I believe that this delay must have gripped the heart of Jairus. I could imagine how impatient he must have been, and wanting the Master to hurry up. It must have confused him as to why Jesus would stop and deal with the issue when his little daughter was lying at deaths door.
I know none of the Gospel writers ever record anything that Jairus said during this delaying time. He wasn’t seen impatiently pulling on the robes of Jesus to hurry Him along. He doesn’t interrupt The Lord with this woman. He just waited patiently until Jesus is free and can continue on with him. Beloved this is the response of Faith… He knows that he cannot solve this problem, he has placed that problem in the hands of Jesus and he has left it there. Beloved what a lesson for you and me! Regardless of the issue, salvation, pain, heartache, etc, when we bring it to Him, learn to leave it with Him and see what He will do with it… Ohhhh Hallelujah !
During the time of delay, a servant of Jairus comes with the tragic word, ” YOUR DAUGHTER IS DEAD” . Beloved, can you imagine how Jairus must have felt at that moment? I believe that his world must have fallen apart around him. All of his dreams and hopes were in an instant shattered and broken. My God… I’m wondering if he were saying in his heart, ” If it hadn’t been for the crowd, we would have gotten there in time and my daughter would have been alive. If that woman had not interrupted Jesus, we would have been home now and everything would be fine. If Jesus had not stopped to help that woman, my daughter would still be alive” . I’m sure Jairus could not of understand the reason for his tragedy! But Jesus knows best…
Beloved how many times has a similar word come to our hearts? Dead and there is no more hope! My God, how we are shaken by such news. How we look back at the times we prayed about a matter and wonder why The Lord tarried and allow this to happen. Beloved, you aren’t the first to question God’s timing. Mary and Martha questioned The Lord in His timing concerning the death of Lazarus. ( John 11: 1-6, 11-44). The disciples in that storm must have questioned Jesus, ( Mark 6:45-51). But, did you know that our Lord’s delay are part of His Eternal plan? In the end, Mary and Martha saw Jesus raise the dead and the disciples saw Him walk on water. Neither would have had either experience had He not delayed His coming to them. Sometimes He tarried just because He loves us, (John 11:5). So beloved when it seems that God is moving slow, don’t give up, because while God is seldom early, He is never late. What we see as delay is really God moving at the right time… He never has to hurry, He always shows up right on time.
I’m feeling excited when writing on this topic…

What a Mighty God we serve
What a Mighty God we serve,
Angels bowed before Him
Heaven and Earth Adore Him!
What a Mighty God we serve….

Grace, Peace, Love and Blessings to all My Beloved in The Mystical Order. This is the day that The Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Today I must first thank The Lord for the sparing of lives and the keeping of bodies. In everything we have to give thanks. I want to use this opportunity to say a Big Big Thank You to the Patriarch, Queen Abbess and Senior Bishop for Gracing me with there presence in My Thanksgiving Service over the weekend. I really and truly appreciated it. Want to say Thanks as well to The Cardinal Bishop Eric for his Monetary donation. A big thank you to My Brethren from St Philomen in St Croix for standing with me.I want to thank all the Members of The Mystical Order who called, text or emailed me with a word of encouragement. I want to also thank You for your prayers and support . The Scripture says United we shall stand, but divided we shall fall. Thank you guys for Standing in Unity with me. The Patriarch, Queen Abbess and Senior Bishop were well received and Acknowledged in the Thanksgiving Services, and a little get together that we had on Monday night. People counted it a Privilege to be in there presence. Persons were also praising them for the Humility that they saw in them. The Abbess Lynette Charles did a good job in taking care of them while in St Vincent . Thank You Much Abbess Lynette!

As I promise in my email last week, I want to continue on the topic” Jehovah Still Cares”.
Indeed Jehovah God cares for us, Jesus cares for us, just like He cared for Jairus daughter. So a tragic situation has transformed itself into an impossible situation . The Little girl is no longer sick, now she is dead! ( Mark 5:35). Even at this tragic moment it is interesting to see how faith reacts. Jairus has placed his faith in Jesus, and even in the face of death, his faith does not waiver. Jesus says to Jairus, ” Be not afraid, only Believe!”( Mark 5:36), Beloved what a word of Faith! Jesus basically is saying to him, ” Don’t believe what you hear, don’t believe what you know, don’t believe what you see, just trust Me!” Beloved that is what Faith is saying to you today! Everything may seem hopeless, but, faith looks away to a God who is greater than anything we can hear, know or see. All I am saying is, you bring your need to Jesus. You trust your need to Jesus and you leave your need with Jesus! Everything about the situation may say, ” It’s not going to work out!” But Beloved you just leave it in the hands of Jesus by Faith and trust Him with it. He will work it out in His time and in His way. Mind you! He may not work it out that way you want Him to, just be content and let Him do it His way. Ohh Hallelujah ! In the scripture Jesus basically put out everyone who did not believe Him. Those who lacked faith in Him were excluded from seeing Him move and work in power. Faith in God won’t change Beloved! Faith believes the incredible, sees the invisible and receives the impossible . Unbelief receives nothing from the hand of God.
When Jesus entered the room where the dead girl was lying, He took her by the hand and told her to rise, and she did! (Mark 5: 41-42). When life came in Beloved, death had to flee! How do we know she was alive? She had all the signs. She was living, she was walking and she was eating. Beloved these are signs of a new spiritual life in Jesus. When those in the room saw what Jesus had done, the bible says they were astonished with a great astonishment . Beloved, Jesus is waiting to do the same thing in your life today. He is waiting for you to bring your impossible situation to Him, leave it with Him by faith, and trust Him to deal with it in His time. Today ,Jesus will fixed that which is broken in your life. A broken and a contrite heart He will never despise. Whatever Situation that is causing worry and fear in your life today, just bring it to Jesus, give it to Him and watch Him change it for His Glory! Beloved I don’t know what you need, but I know He has it for you. Why not get the peace, comfort and help you need from Him today?
Beloved the supply for our needs will only be found in Jesus Christ. I encourage you to do what Jairus did so long ago. Get up, go to Jesus, fall at His feet and tell Him what you need.

I pray that these words will not be a condemnation unto me nor unto you, But it will be a light unto our Path. May God Bless and Keep us all, May we continue to trust Him for His Grace and Keep on walking in the path of righteousness . When that Situation rise up infront of you, just keep in mind that “JEHOVAH STILL CARES! ” Family in Christ I love you all, let us continue in Love.


Author: Godfrey Gregg