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Let me take this opportunity to thank all the many members that took the time to be a psrt of the history of the Mystical Order with the launching of it’s website.  To you our well wishers that were also present and those that called during the meeting, from the bottom of my heart a big thank you.

The trials now began and we now start to work. There is no time to look back at the dark clouds which are omly comfort to fools. We are moving forward and upwards. The meeting also saw the conferring of degrees  on a few of the members and it was my pleasure to officiate in that capacity.

It is now official the church website was declared official by the Rt Hon Sir Dr Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson Patriarch and Presiding Prelate. Afterwards it was celebrating time singing praises to God be the glory.

I, also will like to thank Mr Raju for creating the website and for my impatience at time. We worked it out to the end and this is the product for which we are very proud. This is your website and be proud of what we can achieve when we put our trust in God. There are more plans for the Church and as we start you will know what we are doing.

Please, visit the site and leave your comments. That way we will be able to make improvements and be in a better position to serve you. Have a great weekend and may Almighty God bless us all.


Author: Godfrey Gregg

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