SUMMARY OF 1 Kings Chapter 1

1 Kings Chapter 1

1 Kings Chapter 1 begins by discussing the final days of King David. The chapter begins with David lying in bed in his old age unable to keep warm, though clothes are heaped over him.

Because of this, his servants find a virgin to keep David warm. They search all over Israel until they find a young woman named Abishag who cared for him very well.

Adonijah Declares Himself King

As King David was living in his last days and going senile, his son Adonijah decided to make himself king. He gathered up chariots and soldiers and conferred with other men who helped him. However, several prominent men in society, including Nathan, who was a prophet, were against Adonijah.

So today there are those that will do anything to get the fame to be the boss and lord over God’s people. Wait, not so fast. If God does not ordain the take over you are wasting your time. This is a warning. There is a line of succession and it must be followed.

Adonijah sacrificed cattle, sheep, and calves as a fellowship offering and invited many people except for his brother Solomon, Nathan, and others in the king’s special guard.

Nathan Warns Bathsheba

Nathan went to Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, and told her that Adonijah had usurped the king’s throne. He said that David’s mind was so far gone that he did not understand this was happening. Nathan, fearful for the lives of Bathsheba and Solomon, told her to go to David and remind him that he had named Solomon as his heir. Nathan told her that he would witness this. This is the prophet speaking and whenever the prophet speaks it is directed from the Throne of God.

David has Solomon Proclaimed King

When Bathsheba went in to talk to David in 1 Kings Chapter 1, he did not recognize her at first. But she told him that Adonijah had usurped his throne and she reminded him of his promise to Solomon. Nathan came in and not only witnessed Bathsheba’s pleas, but he added his own.

This seemed to revive David’s memory. He confirmed that he did indeed name Solomon as his heir. He also asked for the group of men who were against Adonijah to come into him, including a priest named Zadok.

David told Zadok and Nathan to place Solomon on his own mule and proclaim him king, which they did as per David’s instructions.

Adonijah is Afraid

Adonijah was told of Solomon being proclaimed king and he feared for his own life. He went to King Solomon and begged him not to kill him. Solomon said he would spare his life as long as Adonijah proved himself a good man.

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