Commanding Officer of The Mystical Court

Flag of Trinidad and TobagoBishop Micah Nero was born in the wonderful Island of Trinidad & Tobago and grew up in Arima on Pinto road with his parents. There he attended the Yoruba Faith Church under the leadership of Mother Lucille. He left mainland Trinidad to live in Tobago, and at the age of thirteen (13) he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in the Pentecostal Faith. Micah served the Lord and the church while attending sunday school and other church activities. The older he became he felt a pull in another direction. At this time in his life he is like Eli seeking understanding of the operations in his life. The Lord was calling him to the Spiritual Baptist Faith. At St. Peter Spiritual Baptist Church Bishop Lennox Hunt was able to show him the way forward and  pointed him to yonder shining light.
Micah came in contact with Captain Earl Tyrell. This was the transformation of a young man’s journey into the Spiritual realms. Captain Earl Tyrell became his spiritual father and on his first “throne of grace” he came back as a “shepherd” within the ranks of the church.
A few years later his spiritual father opened St. Francis Mystical Court and Shepherd Micah became a founding pillar in the church. He later became the “leader” after his second “throne of grace”. A few years later Captain Earl Tyrell was called from works to reward and Micah was again looking for another home of stability.
Micah met Mother Jean Lebeau a Grand Mistress from the Shrine of Saint Anthony in Trinidad and Tobago under the revered Mother Millie and Pearlie Roach better known as PR.  at St. Catherine Spiritual Baptist Church and welcomed him into the fold. She was praying for a leader to help her with the ministry and she saw it as an answer to her prayer. Micah was launched out as the baptizer of the church and there his personal ministry began to grow. Leader Micah left Trinidad and Tobago for a better life in England and is there on the battlefield for the Lord. Micah was ordained as a Reverend in England.
He started the St. Francis Mystical House of Prayer Spiritual Baptist Church and became affiliated with the Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc. under the Leadership of His Beatitude Sir Dr. Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson Patriarch and Presiding Prelate.  Reverend Micah Nero was consecrated Bishop with the Mystical Order, the Patriarch being the chief consecrator.
He was also inducted into the Order of the Mystical Court and awarded the title ORDAINED HIGH PRIEST OF THE ORDER OF AARON. He continues to serve the Lord and is a sitting member on the Executive Council of the Mystical Order.