Eric Alleyne was born in the twin Island of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. His parents were Flag of Trinidad and Tobagomarried in Hanover Methodist Church, resulting in him being christened in the Methodist Church. From a very tender age, Sunday morning worship is a must and after service Eric had to stay for Sunday school. Eric’s mother – who departed this earthly life in 2003, was an ardent member of The Salvation Army, so every Monday night when they had Bible meetings, Eric had no choice but to accompanyHis Eminence Sir Eric Alleyne his mother to those meetings. As the years roll on, Eric’s mother got a calling for Spiritual Baptism and from the banks of Jordan; she went straight to the inner chamber for her first throne of grace. Eric then, as an obedient child started attending Spiritual Baptist Church meetings at an early age of 12. At the age of 13, he was baptized by (he too has passed on) Bishop Kenneth Alexander, Leader and Founder of St. Tobias NESB Church.

While at St. Tobias, Eric took two thrones of grace, then moved on to St. Catherine’s in Petit Valley and took one throne under the watchful eye of my Spiritual Grandmother Mother Jean LeBeau. Eric spent a few years at St. Catherine, then ventured to St. Philemon Court and took a throne of grace with The Grand Mistress Pearl Roach.

In 1988, Eric was ordained by Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago, His Grace Raymond Douglas as a Reverend Minister. In the early 90’s Eric migrated to The United States and continued on his spiritual journey. In 1995 Eric started attending St. Anthony Devine Tabernacle under the founding Father Bishop H. Pierre. At St. Anthony’s Eric took his fifth throne of grace and was elevated to Bishop.

In 2012 Eric got affiliated with The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc. Since then he became a Licensed Marriage Officiant (LOM) with the great State of New York. He was awarded the Mystical Degree ORDAINED HIGH PRIEST OF THE ORDER OF AARON (OHPA). He was also recommended to the Patriarch to receive the Order of Saint Michael (OSM). Eric was elevated to the rank of Cardinal within the Ministry

Eric is married and has one son and three daughters; he currently resides in Brooklyn NY.